Here’s The Reason Behind Why Indian Brides Carry A Glass Of Milk To On Their First Night!!


According to Indian tradition, brides carry the glass of milk for their groom on first night. You can also see this Indian tradition in films and television.

After a research, we found some scientific reason behind this tradition. The question raised on Quora by many individual that why Indian bridge carry the glass of milk for the groom when entering in the bedroom?

Few good persons answer for this question and solve the issue. You can see the actual reason behind this tradition in below gallery.
• Sign of sanctification: Milk considered as a hallowing agent and it signs the beginning of delightful marital life in Hindu system.

Mark of good fortune: Milk is considered a symbol of wealth and good fortune in India. That’s why bride carries a glass of milk means she enters in groom’s life as a luck.

• For relaxation: Couple gets tried because of long celebration of wedding. In that situation, milk is proven to be very effective to eliminate fatigue because it contains a Trytophan that is a sleep-inducting amino acid.

• To extend lascivious: Milk is a lascivious. it is taken with saffron and turmeric.

• To cool down: Milk really helps to detract our body heat. So every couple uses milk daily in starting few months.


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